Unlit on the road
comment Comment Written by on September 10, 2008 – 10:12 pm

The Unlit boys have gone up in the world. No crashing on couches for them anymore. They’ve bagged themselves a spanking new tour bus.

With T-Mobile having pounced on Couchsurfing, it seems mobile companies can’t get enough of hip, new social-networking projects. Orange are the latest to jump aboard, sponsoring the new Unlit tour round the UK.

Nonetheless, the lads’ concept remains as down to earth as ever. They travel around, putting on gigs in the homes of people they’ve found online, mainly through MySpace and, this time, through the Orange website.

At the helm of the online series are two of my superbly talented friends Jont (singer-songwriter) and Dave Depares (filmmaker). They first took the road together back in 2006, travelling across the US and creating a series of films en route.

Catch them if you can, or catch up with the movies online.

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