NYC hotel with its own social network
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There are lots of hotels that like to think they are offering not just a place to sleep but “a lifestyle” too. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t believe them. These are normally the sort of places who also try to sell you their branded CD of forgettable chill-out tunes.

However, one place that could have a legitimate claim on the idea is the Pod Hotel in NYC. During your stay they won’t just provide fresh towels and free wifi, they’ll sort you out with a social life too. Just dial room service and…

Ok, not quite. No telephones involved. It’s all on the net, of course. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the Pod Hotel has its very own social network.

It’s a rather basic affair, more like a simple forum, but it’s proving very popular. When guests make a reservation, they are given the option to join the forum. There they’ll find a section for each month of the year, subdivided into four categories: Eat With Me; Drink With Me; Shop With Me; Go Out With Me. If you’re going to be in town that month, you can start your own post – inviting others to meet up with you – or you can respond to an invite that’s already there. Site statistics show that, so far, 1776 users have contributed 251 threads and 564 posts.

I like the idea. It’s perfect for travellers who are past bunking up in huge hostel dorms and yet miss the social experience of shared accommodation. It’s also perfect for a city like NYC, which can be a lonely place for a solo traveller.

That’s not to say you have to be on your own to use it. Couples and groups of friends are getting in on the idea too, often making plans with other guests before they’ve even set foot on NY soil.

All good, although you could argue that people should be more willing to start an occasional spontaneous chat in a hallway, without feeling the need to exchange emails first.

The network has earned the Pod Hotel the nickname “The Facebook Hotel”, based on the generation they are targeting and how they are targeting them.

“Get a feel for Pod culture,” announces the website. Easy now, Pod Hotel. I like your style, but watch yourself or you could be selling mood CDs before you know it.

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  1. nice post vickey, really it looks cute n impressive.

    By Kishore Choudhary on Apr 1, 2009 | Reply
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