From strip clubs to badminton: new meet-up groups in London
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Make the most out of life in your city… from CitySocialising on Vimeo.


I’m a big fan of social-networking site MeetUp. Not that I use it very much, but I simply feel comforted to know it exists, so that if I ever have spare time on my hands I can always find interesting new things to do and people to meet. Especially if I go back to London. (See also the equally excellent City Socialising, which is explained in the video above.)

MeetUp has 466 groups in the London area, covering all sorts of passions and persuasions. I just received a list of the latest additions and, in praise of its diversity, I feel the need to share.

Anything catch your eye?

I’ll leave you with some MeetUp facts:

  • Monthly visitors: 6 million
  • Members: 5.7 million
  • Monthly Meetups: 179,000
  • Cities: 11,507
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One Response to “From strip clubs to badminton: new meet-up groups in London”

  1. I agree is a great way to meet people and it is much more cost effective to join.

    We run a great local meetup in Maidenhead with events all over Berkshire, London and even the UK.

    Loads of members and we’ve all met because of the group!


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