How Argentina invented the internet
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In the Spanish-speaking world today is apparently ‘the day of the internet‘ and on this very occasion I bring you news that, contrary to all other world evidence, the internet was invented here in Argentina.

Yes, a group of Argentinians are laying claim to the internet. “It originated here!” they cry.

In some ways it looks like they have a point. Except their 1950s internet had nothing to do with computers. It was all about ladies’ knickers.

Apparently, ‘Internet’ was an Argentinian underwear brand. Proof of its existence can be found in a magazine that dates right back to 1956.

Now that the year of the Argentina’s bicentenary is upon us, the time has come to claim back Argentinian ownership of the internet. Here is the battle cry: “We are reclaiming owner’s rights for all Argentinians! We won’t win money, but we can show off for years.”  (“¡Reclamemos para todos los argentinos los derechos de autor! Guita no vamos a ganar, pero con esto podemos cancherear durante años.”)

The site is calling for people to reproduce their message on blogs and webpages. And with a tongue-in-cheek slogan like “Internet: in Argentina since 1956“, who can resist?

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  1. Haha! I’m really hoping this is tongue in cheek but knowing the Argentinians it may not be! Reminded me of another Invention discussion I’ve had over here:

  2. Just don’t get them started on Gardel… 😉
    Thanks for the link. The biro’s a great example. There’s a pub quiz question in there, surely. Feel free to throw that into the next one you write.

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