Best travel and food blogs in Montreal
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Local blogs are the best insight into local life. The best in-situ bloggers know which places are over-hyped or past their peak. They look beyond the cliches and they are ahead of the guidebooks.

This post is a work in process. I’ll add any new ones I find as I go along. Please do make suggestions if you have any.

Here’s a list of the Montreal blogs I’ve discovered so far:

Midnight Poutine Great name and a great guide to music, arts, film etc etc etc. Billed as “a delicious high-fat source of rants, raves and musings” and it apparently “possesses cheese-like flexibility”.

EatWellMontreal Short and sweet restaurant reviews aimed at those with short attention spans (ie most of us). Sadly the last post was in Aug 2009. Maybe they got distracted?

Poutine Pundit A guide to poutines in Montreal and across the world. Great idea for a blog. Not such a great idea for your health. Can’t help worrying about this blogger. Hope he/she sometimes takes the veg-topped option.

Endless Banquet Claims to be “your guide to Montreal’s best bakeries, barbecues, bars, bistros, boucheries, boulangeries, boutiques, brasseries…” The list goes on and on. Coverage is very impressive.

The MontrĂ©al Buzz It’s rare that a tourist board blog is a really good, original read, but this is outstanding. Lots of local knowledge and a nice, clean design.

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons Anirudh Koul

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