Top ten alternative Montreal
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Here’s my top ten of alternative Montreal, which was published today on

Towards the end of my two-month stay in Montreal, I was doing a hotel visit when I ran into another British travel writer who described the city as like Brighton. Brighton without the sea: I see what he means. It’s got a similar buzz, similarly creativity. Good food, good music. It’s also got the same laidback feel that comes from not being a capital city. People don’t come here to make their fortune. They have different priorities and it shows. They are outdoorsy, artistic and enjoy a great standard of living. I really am quite envious.

I hope this piece helped get this across. I’m not sure that many people prioritise Montreal as a holiday destination. I think more should. It’s also worth noting that Montreal can easily be tacked on to a trip to New York, with good links by bus or train. And even better deals by ride sharing.

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  1. I’ve never been interested at all in going to Montreal, but now I’m a tad intrigued. But then I never had much of an interest in going to Canada at all until I made many Canadian friends in Dubai. From all the stories they told me Canada seems like an extraordinary country of stupendous natural beauty, but I know very few people who think to travel there purely for a holiday. I think the country does an abysmal job of marketing itself – including cities like Montreal – don’t you?

  2. Generally speaking, I’ve found that people seem to have it on a vague backburner. They’ve heard nice things about it and they would be interested to check it out, but it’s not a top priority. Among my contemporaries, South America, Asia, NYC, West Coast US and Cuba are usually at the top of the wishlist for longhaul travel. They seem more exciting. Canada is the sort of place you feel you can save until you’re older. There’s no ‘get there before it changes’ push that comes tied in with the idea of Cuba or parts of SE Asia.

    I also think it gets misunderstood a lot. I’m astounded by how many people ask me it was cold. “It was summer!” “Yeah, but it’s still not warm, is it?” It was pushing 35 degrees at times!

  3. The above ten are simply great attractions to see and for travelers in Montreal Canada. It is a lovely place to visit with plenty of scenic views for visitors.

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