The Great ‘Authentic Travel’ Debate
comment 2 Written by on December 14, 2010 – 6:53 pm

This month I am pleased to be guest editor of the Tourdust blog. The first time I came across Tourdust was back in February 2009, when they sparked a debate on this blog on the use of word ‘authentic’ (‘What is authentic travel?‘). Some really interesting exchanges followed.

A couple of years on and Tourdust are leading the debates themselves. The content on their blog includes a very interesting series of academic travel essays by David Jobanputra, tackling complex issues such as the idea of travel as modern-day imperialism.

The series was commissioned before I temporarily took over the reigns, but I am finding it very interesting to follow. It’s great to see a platform refusing to dumb down to producing only quick-scan pieces for the 140-character generation.

This week, the authenticity debate has raised its head again. It’s like coming full circle, although, of course, there are still plenty of untied ends.


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