Does the world need a new Buenos Aires?
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Bogota: it’s the new BA. Photo by Candor on Flickr.

Do we need a new Buenos Aires? Two stories were published yesterday suggesting we do.

Mexico City is the new Buenos Aires apparently. And Bogota is the new Buenos Aires too.

The Mexico piece includes an outcry at the $149 entry fee for Americans. I understand. It’s hefty and I wouldn’t welcome it either. But, on the hand, Argentines have to queue and attend a face-to-face interview to prove themselves worthy of entry to the US.

So, there’s ‘being treated like a money pot’ versus being ‘treated like a third-world scrounger’.

The main reason people are looking for a new Buenos Aires is because it is not a bargain-basement destination anymore. And it never should have been. It was a domestic economic disaster that took it to this temporary low.

I’ve written about this before (Buenos Aires – overhyped and annoying?).

I also recommend reading this story for the Irish Times about one travellers experiences in Buenos Aires through all its economic highs and lows (Argentina’s peso-pegging lessons).

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3 Responses to “Does the world need a new Buenos Aires?”

  1. If the only criteria you have for living in a city is a short flight and the ability to live more cheaply than in your home country then yes you might well need a new Buenos Aires.

    People have different reasons for living where they live, but personally speaking the fact that a place has “lots of rich people” is not a factor for me. I can’t even begin to understand that little gem frankly. Every city in the world has rich people. There are rich people in Baghdad and Harare, maybe you should move there and project “clubby ennui”.

    Part of the city’s lure is that you have to mind your backpack or purse? This guy just likes to pretend he’s laughing in danger’s face every day doesn’t he? I bet all his friends back home are super impressed that he’s living in a such a dangerous place, whilst he just shrugs it off with a nonchalant grin!

    I personally don’t think we need a new Buenos Aires as there is nothing really wrong with the old one. Go to Buenos Aires, Rio, Lima, Bogotá or DF and enjoy them for what they are and stop trying to make pointless & meaningless comparisons.

  2. Oh god, I cringed when I saw those stories too. I wrote a post on the same issue on Cool Travel Guide years ago. Lazy journalism is all it is. Can’t find a strong angle or don’t have time to do thorough research, so the journalist and the editor tries to sell something as being fresh and ‘new’ when it’s not. The New York Times is terribly guilty of it. I once had an editor of another publication change the title of a story I wrote on Abu Dhabi to ‘Abu Dhabi, the new Dubai’, which devastated me because the whole point of my story was that it was *not* that at all, and then once I wrote a blog post using that title and people took it so seriously. Ugh. I recently saw a story in another publication calling ‘Doha, the new Dubai’. If anything, Doha is more like Abu Dhabi – absolutely nothing at all like Dubai. Drives me nuts.

  3. 1.Of course there is no way another Buenos Aires!
    2.Of course there are lots of amazing places in cities around the owrld, but I don´t believe in comparing them.
    Each one has it´s own identity and, even though each time we land on another new place, we all try to find similar things with the places we already know. Buenos Aires is a mixture of european elements, with old latin american roots that shares with other southamerican countries.
    I want to invite you to join me in my new online show around the city. I would love to hear your comments 🙂

    Buenos Aires Magical Places (W/english subt)

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