Argentine women take to the streets
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Photo: Obelisco, via Wikicommons Victoria Rachitzky

There are protests every day in Buenos Aires. It is said that you can actually make a living in this city from renting your services out as a rallying frontperson or drummer to whatever cause needs to get their voice heard.

As  a tourist, it can be part of the BA experience. Not just in a sense of warped ‘entertainment’, but more as a reminder of the serious picture behind all the exciting, new, tourist-friendly developments that you experience on a short trip to the city

Yesterday, there was a protest by the Obelisco monument that really impacted me. It was against domestic violence and I wrote a piece about for Reuters, which you can read here (and watch the video report).

It was a very peaceful demo. Instead of stopping traffic, protesters waited for the lights to change and then stepped out in front of drivers to hand them information. And it was information that definitely needed sharing.

It is said that at least one woman is killed by domestic violence every 36 hours in Argentina. Many of them are in their teens and 20s, and, in the most horrific cases, some die after being set on fire.

It seems so alien to the life I lead here, yet extreme machismo continues to control – and ruin – many lives. I don’t usually cover hard news on this blog, but this was a cause that needed to be shared. Respect to those working to promote women’s rights here.

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