Couchsurfing with the Icelandic President?
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Inspired by Iceland Invitations from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

Icelanders are opening their homes to visitors, as part of a new tourism campaign — and leading the way is the country’s president.

Watch this video above. It appears to be an invite around to the presidency for pancakes. Who’s up for paying him a visit? (If he is using some sort of royal — or presidential — ‘we’, I will be very disappointed.)

Continue watching and it seems the Mayor of Reykjavík is in on it too. Although looking at his dazed expression, he seems to be having trouble just remembering where he is.

So what is going on here? How do tourists get involved?

Clicking through, there’s a page of invites, written by a handful of local people (no sign of the President or the Mayor) and it seems you have to leave a Facebook message below if you are interested in, for example, going night sailing, attending Airwaves festival, or hunting geese.

Beyond that, I’m not really sure how many meets they are offering or how long this campaign will last.

Incidentally, can trace its roots back to Iceland. Founder Casey Fenton first tried out his ‘stay with strangers’ idea here, when he got hold of a student directory, emailed everyone asking if he stay with them while he was in the country, and, lo and behold, he got 1,500 positive replies.

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