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Latin America at ground-level: free eBook
3 responses - Posted 11.27.10

Some months ago,  Steve Roll from TravelOjo asked me to contribute to an ebook on Latin American life and travel. The resulting eBook – Celebrating Latin America at Ground Level – has just been released and is free to download. It is filled with short slices of life from across the Latin world, from Mexico […]

Best travel and food blogs in Montreal
no responses - Posted 08.12.10

Local blogs are the best insight into local life. The best in-situ bloggers know which places are over-hyped or past their peak. They look beyond the cliches and they are ahead of the guidebooks. This post is a work in process. I’ll add any new ones I find as I go along. Please do make […]

Gran Tourismo: where to draw the line between travel journalism and PR
11 responses - Posted 02.05.10

Does PR sponsorship undermine the honesty of a travel piece? Ah yes, that old chestnut. The subject of whether professional travel journalists should accept press trips or complimentary hotel stays has been debated endlessly. (To save me covering old ground, see this piece from the Matador Network.) What’s interesting is the role bloggers have played in […]


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