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Bogotá: the culture, cuisine and cool factor
5 responses - Posted 08.24.11

I’m over the idea of getting thrills from Bogotá because it feels daring and dangerous to go there. Bogotá is exciting in its own way. Not everyone is bowled over by it instantly, but that’s what I like about it. I’m not much into standard sightseeing and, despite two visits, I still haven’t even been […]

Does the world need a new Buenos Aires?
3 responses - Posted 01.08.11

Bogota: it’s the new BA. Photo by Candor on Flickr. Do we need a new Buenos Aires? Two stories were published yesterday suggesting we do. Mexico City is the new Buenos Aires apparently. And Bogota is the new Buenos Aires too. The Mexico piece includes an outcry at the $149 entry fee for Americans. I […]


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